“How many deaths will it take til we know, that too many people have died?” – Bob Dylan

So last night the “religion of peace” struck again in London. This was the third attack in the UK in three months. This time 7 people were killed and 50 injured, including one woman who was stabbed 15 times by men shouting “this is for Allah.”

While liberals around the world were wringing their hands about Donald Trump and the fictional problem of “global warming,” the real problem walked up and punched them in the face once again. It seems that what’s “blowin in the wind” these days are the brains of Western liberals and politicians.

Will these recent attacks in London be enough to finally wake them up?

At this point, nobody should be shocked by this. When you invite wolves into your house, why would you be surprised when some of them turn and bite you? It has always amazed me that, considering what happened on September 11, 2001 and all of the Islamic terror attacks since, most people in the West remain completely ignorant about Islam and the danger it poses to the world.

Disarmed by decades of political correctness and multiculturalism (i.e., the idea that all cultures are equal), Europe and the rest of the West continue to act like naive sheep as the wolves run around our countries and slaughter innocent people. Since 2001, Islamic jihadists have carried out more than 30,939 terror attacks.

What’s worse, they are increasing each year due to the stupidity and fecklessness of Western politicians who will not go on offense, yet keep insisting on importing Muslims into our countries. Combine that with European style socialism (which the Left wants for America) and you have a recipe for cultural suicide.

Here is the tally so far from this “holy” month of Ramadan:

These savages do not care who they attack or how they attack. Their religion has taught them that all non-Muslims are sub-human and by killing them — even innocent 8 year old girls — they will be rewarded with a trip to paradise. If the barbaric slaughter of innocent little girls at a pop concert will not wake us up, what on earth will!?

Despite the ridiculous politically correct nonsense of our politicians and so-called leaders, the fact is that Islam is not just a religion — it is a totalitarian political ideology that is completely opposed to the Western values of freedom and individual rights.  Unlike Christianity and Judaism, it has not been de-fanged of violence because it was not part of the Western Enlightenment and the Age Of Reason. This makes Islam especially dangerous, because it is based on a complete lie and a set of irrational beliefs (like all religions), but it still seeks to spread these medieval beliefs through barbaric violence in this modern age.

Muslim leaders have told us for 1400 years that Islam is out to conquer the world and they will not stop until everyone has either been converted, subjugated, or killed. They are at war with us and, as insane as it is,  they are deadly serious about it.

It is absolutely ridiculous that our children have to grown up in fear of this when we could have crushed it years ago.

How? With a three-fold approach:

  1. Stop importing our own destroyers. There should be a moratorium on Muslim immigration into Western countries until they disavow violence, as well as Sharia law, and stop teaching their children to hate non-Muslims. The travel ban proposed by President Trump is a small step in the right direction but we need to do way more than that.
  2. Military victory against Jihadists. Let our military annihilate the hard-core jihadists (Isis, Al-Qaeda) and their safe havens and show all of the would-be jihadists that have infiltrated the West that their cause is hopeless.
  3. Finally, we need to stand up for our Western values of freedom and peace, declare their superiority, and simply start telling Muslims we believe they are deluded in their beliefs and wrong in the way they organize their societies. In other words, we need to be willing to fight the ideological battle honestly and without the suicidal political correctness pushed by the Left. Islam is completely incompatible with the values of America and the United States Constitution for example, and we need to say it in no uncertain terms.

In order to be confident doing number 3, we first have to educate ourselves about Islam and understand fully why it poses such a a danger to Western countries and our way of life.

Here’s a good place to start…

Dr. Bill Warner runs the website Political Islam and is one of the best scholars on the subject. Below is an introductory video called Why We Are Afraid, Visit his website to see all his videos and books.


And here is a good interview of Dr. Warner by Chuck Woolery at “Blunt Force Truth”…

The Threat of Political Islam – an Interview with Dr. Bill Warner – Episode 257

Also, be sure to listen to this very powerful and inspiring interview with Brigitte Gabriel by Dave Rubin:


Finally, here are some other people that have done a heroic job in pointing out the dangers of Islam for many years:

If we in the West care about the future of our children, it is way beyond time to wake up and fight back.