The Left Is No Longer Liberal

Dave Rubin explains why he abandoned the political left. I highly recommend The Rubin Report.

Jordan Peterson: On Why We Need To Stop Postmodernism Now

Politics is downstream from philosophy. In order to understand the craziness of the left’s identity politics it’s critical to understand where it comes from — the nexus of Postmodern philosophy and cultural Marxism. Few people explain it better than Jordan Peterson…


Dinesh D’Souza Calls Out The Big Lie Of The Left

Great summation of the history of the totalitarian left, and how that relates to the Democrat party, as well as our current political climate.

The American Form Of Government

We are not a Democracy. This video explains why.

Walter Williams: Suffer No Fools

This is a terrific documentary of the great Economist and social commentator, Walter Williams, of George Mason University. He is truly a national treasure.