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“A Book Every American Patriot Should Read”

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Are You Worried About The Future of America?

Concerned about the growth of government no matter which party holds office?

It is time to stand up for Liberty.

In 1776, a small group of men in Philadelphia, PA lit the spark for something that had never before been accomplished in all of human history ― the liberty of the individual.

Up until that time, all humans throughout the centuries had lived in bondage in one form or another. They were always “subjects” who were ruled by a sovereign state, group, or tribe. The idea that the individual is the sovereign and the government is the servant is still the most radical political idea in all of human history.

The spark that was lit on July 4, 1776, turned into a conflagration that led to American Independence and spread to much of the world over the over the ensuing two centuries. The spread of liberty resulted in unprecedented levels of human advancement and prosperity everywhere it was embraced.

Tragically, that flame is all but extinguished today.

We have betrayed our founding ideals by following political philosophies and leaders who have little understanding and even less respect for the ideal of individual liberty.  This betrayal of the American Ideal has changed us from a shining beacon of freedom, once the “last best hope of earth,” to a country with a stagnant economy that is deeper in debt than any country in the history of the world.

Is that the legacy we want to leave our children? Is that how we want to honor our Founding Fathers and all of the men and women who have fought and died defending our freedom? 

Drawing on the ideas of America’s Founding Fathers as well as Philosopher Ayn Rand, Malone lays out a vigorous and uncompromising defense of the American Ideal of Liberty. A Defense Of American Ideals reinvigorates the principles of Liberty and shows the critical importance of upholding individual rights consistently and without compromise.

The book makes a systematic case for Liberty, while weaving in many inspiring stories and quotes from America’s Founding Fathers and other champions of liberty. Quite simply, this is a book that anyone who cares about freedom will enjoy and find a pleasure to read. At minimum, it will challenge long held assumptions of those on both the left and the right sides of the political spectrum. It is sure to light a “brushfire of freedom” in your mind.

Above all, it shows that ― despite our present problems ― restoring liberty and prosperity to this country is still possible. As Thomas Paine said, “the flame of liberty may sometimes cease to shine, but the coal can never expire.”

Grab your copy of this book today, and let’s get those embers burning again.



This excellent book demonstrates that Liberty and the American Revolution are both based in reason. Both the left (Liberals, Democrats, Socialists, Environmentalists) and the right (neocons, compassionate conservatives, social conservatives) are anti-reason and both are fundamentally opposed to people’s right to the pursuit of their own happiness (Not to mention your Right to Life and Liberty). The book is full of quotes from the Founding Fathers and shows the US as a Christian nation, in its founding, is revisionist history. The book pulls no punches about the Socialists (Democrats) either, amply demonstrating that the philosophy of Obama and friends is one in the same that brought about Mao, Stalin, Mussolini, etc., and resulted in the deaths of over a 100 million people in the last century. What’s amazing is that they claim the moral high ground despite their record of mass murder. The book is not just a laundry list of problems, the author provides real solutions and hope for the future.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is: “Like a hydra-headed monster, socialism and collectivism come in various guises, which we can refer to under the broad category of Statism. Apparently it doesn’t matter how many times we chop off a head, new ones keep growing.”

The chapter “Why Liberty Requires Reason” is outstanding. The Left often wants to claim they are the torch bearers of reason and science, but in reality Socialism is part of the anti-enlightenment reactionary movement in philosophy, which is anti-reason and anti-science. Social conservatives like to push the idea that Socialism is pro-reason and pro-science also, so they can then argue freedom is based on faith. Liberty was and is founded on reason applied to the nature of man’s existence as demonstrated by the numerous quotes by the Founding Fathers, Locke, Rand, and others.

BUY Thomas Malone’s, A Defense of American Ideals, it is an infinitely better defense of liberty than the books by Mark Levin, Judge Napolitano, etc.

Dale B. Halling, Author Pendulum of Justice and The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur.

This is a book every American patriot should read, although it is bound to ruffle the feathers of some devoted theists due to its defense and assertion of America;s founding principles based only on secular, natural, unalienable rights. This should not however dissuade any reader from diving in, so long as they respect the basic principle of separation of Church and State. Nothing in it advocates a denial of one’s right to believe as they wish. On the contrary, it demands the rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution in every way be reinstated as originally intended. It only asks that consonant with the original intent, that individual beliefs not be forced upon others; that each may once again follow their own light in pursuit of happiness.

Filled with timeless wisdom in the form of quotes from our founders and several other brilliant defenders of the rights of the individual, this work explores the principles that created the greatest expansion of liberty and prosperity known. While exposing the inferiority of socialism to capitalism, it clearly demonstrates our folly, having allowed the statists to erode Liberty to our great loss and shame, while they instituted collectivist, altruist doctrine by incremental, continual sophistry.

The strength of the arguments against the socialist creep foisted upon us by the infiltration of the failed philosophies of Marx, Kant, Hegel, etc. are irrefutable. Contrasting them with the philosophies of Locke, Paine, Smith, Mill, Rand etc. which reflect the enlightenment and principles that created the legacy so many of us revere, one cannot help but look back with nostalgia while lamenting the degrading state of liberty and prosperity. Fortunately the author offers a worthy philosophy and direction for reconstitution.

Read this book and you will be inspired to fight for Liberty lost and grab the torch of Liberty. Hold it high. And never let it go again. Long Live Lady Liberty!