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The Strange Death Of Europe: Mark Steyn interviews Douglas Murray

This is well worth watching. Mark Steyn and Douglas Murray discuss Murray’s new book The Strange of Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, published in America this week and which Mark describes as “profound.”

What’s happened to Europe should be a warning to everyone in America. We do NOT want to go down that path…

The American Form Of Government

Here is good tutorial on the American form of government explaining why we are a constitutional republic and not a democracy. This what John Adams meant when he said America was a “government of laws and not of men.”

The Most Frightening Thing About The Obamacare Decision

It is bad enough that there was a 5 to 4 majority supporting the idea that our government now has a right to “tax” us for inaction — or for not acting as they decree — which they are now calling a “penalty” for not buying health insurance. In principle this means they can force us to do anything they want and throw us in jail if we fail to comply with the edict. What’s even more frightening is that there was a 9 to 0 majority in support of the idea that the government does have a right to regulate and tax action, or virtually any commercial activity that we engage in. That is NOT what the Constitution says. The Constitution places the limits on government and was designed to stop the government from interfering with the individual’s right to life, liberty, property and any economic activity we deem necessary to achieve our happiness… so long as it is peaceful and does not violate the rights of others. Sadly, this latest decision is just the last  in a long line of Supreme Court decisions that have essentially shredded the Constitution. Are there any limits to government power left?