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Month: November 2016

Can Trump Pull Off The “Miracle On 5th Avenue?”

trump-make-america-great-againIf Trump wins this thing it will be a miracle.

Now James Comey has come out and said they have investigated 650,000 emails in the last 8 days and Hillary’s in the clear on that one, “nothing to see here.” The political establishment truly thinks the American people are stupid.

Trump has done what no outsider in politics has ever done. He’s beaten the politicians at their own game by winning the Republican primary.

He then had to fight not only the Clinton Machine and the DNC, with their reptilian dirty tricks squads, he has also had to fight the entire mainstream media… a corrupt media that has been 100% in the tank for Hillary and has spent 24 hours a day smearing Trump and running relentlessly negative coverage of anything they think will make him look bad (while ignoring the avalanche of negative news about Clinton).

He has even had to fight the entire Republican establishment of cowards and traitors, as well as the pretentious and arrogant intellectuals and pundits on the right (including many Libertarians and Objectivists). Politics is not philosophy NeverTrumpers, this is real life with real consequences. If we become the subjects of Queen Hillary, it will be largely your doing and you may never see a Republican in the White House again.

At this stage of the game, the choice could not be clearer. On one side, you have an imperfect but “can do” businessman who truly loves and cares about this country. He does not need to be doing this. He has spent his life building, working, producing, employing people and raising a great family. He is a flawed but essentially good man. Just take a look at his children and see how much they love and respect the man if you doubt that. To see how much he cares about the country, all you have to do is look at the indefatigable way he has campaigned with incredible energy even in the face of the tremendous onslaught and smears he has faced from all sides.  Yesterday he did campaign stops at 7 states in one day. In terms of policy, he has at least 80% of it right on the big picture issues, such as tax cuts, energy policy, preventing illegal immigration, choice in education, and eliminating terrorist threats. The overall theme is to make the country safer, stronger and more prosperous. He will surround himself with the right advisers in the most critical policy areas.

On the other side,  you have the most corrupt individual ever to seek the office of the presidency. She has nothing to offer us except bigger and more oppressive government at the expense of our freedom, liberty, prosperity and security.  She has proven to be a pathological liar who will say anything to get elected, can easily be bought off by our enemies, and has no clue about foreign policy or how to combat the jihad. In fact, she will strengthen and embolden the jihad and even invite the terrorists into our midst by increasing Muslim refugee programs.  After four years of suffering the stagnation, massive debt, destruction of our healthcare system, and growing jihad threat due to the current socialist fool in the White House, we simply cannot afford four more years of it. Electing Hillary Clinton will be the final nail in our coffin. If she does get elected, future generations will look back on this election and say this was the point in time when the left wing brainwashing of 51% of the American people reached its apex. They will marvel that the majority of the people in our once-free country were willing to elect someone so corrupt — and then pay for the rope that will hang them, and even place it around the necks of themselves, their children and their grandchildren.

We cannot let that happen.

You can call Trump’s campaign slogan corny if you want, but he is as sincere in his desire to “Make America Great Again” as Hillary is in her desire to destroy what’s left of that greatness. He is a threat to the entire corrupt establishment, which is why he has been vilified to such a degree.

Don’t fall for it, watch the brief video below and then vote Trump on Tuesday.


100 Most Damaging Wikileaks

There are almost too many Hillary scandals to keep up with and the avalanche of disclosures via Wikileaks is too much for most mere mortals to sort through. Fortunately, someone has done it for us at the following site:


Be sure to check out the video on Media Collusion also:


The mainstream media has not been covering this because they are nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Democratic party at this point.